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Pre-Made Hair Systems
These Hair Systems are pre-made and allow for versatility and comfort for all head sizes.
Standard sizing will be used. Please refer to the chat below for your correct size and BEFORE purchasing. Please be aware that while typically many people can fit standard sizing, for some, sizes may or may not fit accurately according to your specific head size. For a more custom fit, please refer to our CUSTOM HAIR SYSTEMS option. Pre- order will be available for some pre-made systems, if you want a specific system or size that is not available you may pre-order in your size if the pre-order option is available for that system. Pre-orders may take up to 30 days to create and ship.

Please be aware that we try our best to capture the exact color of the hair systems but due to lighting, camera quality, computer/phone screens, and other factors out of our control color can be slightly off. We do our best to provide the most accuracy. 
This is a ready-to-ship option. If system is in stock, please allow 2-3 business days to process your order before shipping.
Custom Made Hair Systems
This option is for clients who need a system specifically made to fit their crown.
Each Hair system will be constructed to each clients individuals needs. Sizing, materials used, color, and etc will all be unique in each Custom made Prothesis System.  Please schedule a consultation with our trained professional to get started right away. 

Please be aware this process can not be rushed to ensure client satisfaction. This service can take anywhere from 30-90 days. 
Please use the below video as a reference on how to properly take measurements:
Please ensure that all measurements are accurate, once made Hair Systems CAN NOT be altered. ALL SALES ON CUSTOM PROTHESIS SYSTEMS ARE FINAL! ATTN: When obtaining a prescription through your provider, you provider will take all measurements needed, you can refer to the video to ensure measurements are being taken properly.  
When providing pictures for reference please remember that we will try to match the colors as accurately as possible but due to lighting, different brands of color and other factors the Systems may differ slightly unless it is a System or Color created by the Effortless Essence Team. If you would like a specific brand, please be sure to let your prosthesis specialist know. The more detail the better!
Custom Hair Systems require up to a 30-90 business day turnaround time.
Please review all terms and conditions along with policies and turnaround times prior to booking and/or checking out.
Thank You for Shopping with Effortless Essence Hair!
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